Replace batch ETL with streaming in minutes

Move data with sub-second latency using change data capture (CDC) for minimal impact on the source database and real-time updates.

Connect your data sources and move data to your target destinations with our automated, reliable and scalable data movement platform:

  • Dozens of pre-built, no-code source connectors
  • Automated schema drift handling, updates, data normalization and more
  • High performance change data capture for efficient and low impact data movement
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Streaming transformations power faster, cheaper, more rich data pipelines:

  • Python and SQL transformations
  • Common use cases include:
  • Hashing, masking, aggregations, joins, unnesting JSON and more!
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Want to move to streaming event driven architecture but not ready to manage lower level systems like Apache Kafka and Flink?

  • Start with out of the box use cases like CDC
  • Expand to writing to or reading from Streamkap's Kafka without any of the headaches
  • Transform event data, merge with database data and more!
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As easy as Fivetran but 15x faster and 3x lower cost

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Sub-second latency

3x Cheaper

Lower total cost of ownership


The easiest way to stream data in real-time


Connect Source

Authenticate your source database and choose the tables you want to sync

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Connect Destination

Connect your destination account, Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery and more with just a few clicks

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Create Pipeline

Connect your source and destination to get data moving with sub-second latency

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Setup in minutes

All you need is your source and destination database credentials to get data moving

Automatic Scaling

Streamkap scales automatically to handle data at any scale with flexible retention

Monitoring and Alerting

Power your production workloads with confidence that your pipelines are healthy and you'll know if there is an issue

Flexible and Predictable Costs

Get started with flexible plans and lock-in predictability when you're ready


CDC-Ready Connectors

Our source and destination database connectors are built for scale, reliability, and cost efficient real-time replication from PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB into BigQuery, Snowflake, Databricks and more.

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Why our customers love Streamkap

Great technology and a great team

Marcin Migda

Staff Data Engineer

"Streamkap was 4x faster and had 3x lower total cost of ownership than our previous solution"

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Kohei Hasegawa


The migration to Streamkap has resulted in clear and predictable billing, reducing unexpected costs. Success metrics include a 54% reduction in data-related costs. GCP Datastream lacked reliable support channels for issue resolution, but Streamkap provides prompt assistance through Slack, making it easy to consult and resolve problems quickly.

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Drop-in Replacement for your Batch ETL

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