Streaming ETL in minutes

Stream data in real-time from your CDC sources without impacting performance. Stream to multiple destinations including data warehouses, data lakes and real-time databases.

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Real-time database replication

Move data with sub-second latency using change data capture (CDC) for minimal impact on the source database and real-time updates.

CDC-Ready Connectors

Our source and destination database connectors are built for scale, reliability, and cost efficient real-time replication from PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB into BigQuery, Snowflake, Databricks and more.

Get your data moving fast so you can focus on outputs

Simple & flexible setup

Schema Drift Support
Automated handling of schema changes including deletes, new columns and type changes
Historical Snapshots
Start streaming right away while full or incremental snapshot backfill data from the start or from any offset
Guaranteed Delivery
Ensure you can rely on your data with guaranteed at-least-once delivery
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Stream your data with confidence for any use case with our enterprise-grade reliability

Monitoring and alerting

Automated monitoring of your pipelines with alerting when there are issues

Meaningful metrics

Actionable logs and alerting

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The easiest way to stream data in real-time

Setup in minutes
All you need it your source and destination database credentials to get data moving
Automatic Scaling
Streamkap scales automatically to handle data at any scale with flexible retention
Monitoring and Alerting
Power your production pipelines with confidence that your pipelines are healthy and you'll know if there is an issue
Flexible and Predictable Costs
Get started with flexible plans and lock-in predictability when you're ready

Delight your customers with real-time insights

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