Stream from your CDC sources

Streamkap supports a broad range of database sources with log-based Change Data Capture (CDC). CDC allows you to capture all the changes in your database with minimal impact on production. Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, DocumentDB, Aurora, MongoDB and more.

Power Analytics and More

Send data to your favorite data warehouse, data lake or real-time database. Or send from one source to many destinations. Streamkap makes it easy to get your data where you need it, fast. Support for Snowflake, BigQuery, Databricks Delta Lake, Materialize and more.

Schema Evolution

Don't let schema changes slow you down. All changes to the source are automatically handled.
Support for nested data to normalized and auto-denormalization.

Optimized for performance

Start off with full or incremental snapshots of historical data and elegantly switch to streaming.
Send data as inserts or upserts.
Configure partitions for optimal performance of streams and destinations.

Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor latency, volume, type of records and more.
Soon: Alerting to be notifified on any issues or abnormal behaviour

Enterprise Grade Security

Data encryption. SSL connection. SSH Tunnels, Social Login, SSO, Audit Trail.