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Streamkap makes it easy to switch to streaming ETL from slow batch processing without managing complicated streaming infrastructure

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Streamkap supports a broad range of event and database sources. Log-based change data capture (CDC) streams all the changes from your database in real time. Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, DocumentDB, Aurora, and writing from any event source to Kafka. Cloud and on-prem databases are supported with a variety of secure connection options including SSH, VPN, and an On-Prem proxy agent.

Send data to your favorite data warehouse, data lake, or real-time database. Streamkap makes it easy to get your data where you need it, fast, with different loading options including upserts and appends. Support for Snowflake, BigQuery, Databricks Delta Lake, Clickhouse, Rockset, Redshift, and more.


Write to or read from the Kafka cluster within your Streamkap account to take advantage of our sources, destinations, and transformations in a broader range of event-driven architectures.


Transform your data before it reaches the destination, from hashing, aggregating, masking, joins, metrics to splitting nested JSON.

BYOC Deployment

Deploy Streamkap to your own cloud and your data doesn’t leave your environment.

Schema Drift

Don't let schema changes slow you down. All changes to the source are automatically handled. Support for nested data to normalized and auto-denormalization.


Time series metrics for event and data volume, lag, latency, and more


Deploy multiple versions of your Streamkap service, great for differential management of production and development environments.

API and Terraform

Configure and manage your Streamkap deployment programmatically with our API directly or with our Terraform provider


Deploy multiple versions of your Streamkap service, great for differential manOperational view of all your pipelinesagement of production and development environments.

Data Security and Privacy

Streamkap is SOC 2 Type 2 certified and GDPR/CCPA compliant. Data in the platform is encrypted at rest and retention is configurable. Manage your security with SSL, SSH Tunnels, SSO, Audit Trail, Logs, and Notifications. See more on our security posture page.

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