4x faster & 3x cheaper streaming to Snowflake

July 26, 2024


Ricky Thomas

Co-founder at Streamkap

Marcin Migda (Staff Data Engineer at leading restaurant POS company SpotOn) and Ricky Thomas (CTO of Streamkap) will talk about how SpotOn reduced cost by 3x and pipeline latency 4x.

You'll learn how SpotOn:

✅ Replaced their batch processing solution with streaming

✅ Reduced raw data sync time by 98%

✅ Decreased model refresh time by 67% 

✅ Reduced total latency by 75%

Register now to learn benefits of Dynamic Tables in Snowflake including:

  • Declarative transformation and automated data refresh
  • Simplified data engineering by automating and ensuring fresh data
  • Ideal use cases for efficient data modeling, query materialization, and automatic data refresh
  • Limitations and considerations to keep in mind

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